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Reviewing old photographs

Reviewing old photographs

I have taken this photo two years ago at Black Creek pioneer village. Last time I’ve reviewed my film scans, I did some editing and even cropped them to an 8×10 format. I believe that my taste back then is different. I now embrace again the 35mm format to its full beauty.

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Myself, self portrait

Myself, self portrait

I came to the conclusion that I very much want photography to be a part of my life. Telling truthful lies and digging in to take it out.

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How my photographic journey began – a short autobiography, part one

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My next years resolution is minimalism. Although I’ve started to get rid of some stuffs I owned last summer, I’m still finding too much clutter. I have some stuffs that I just find hard to part with and let go. But at the same time, this are stuffs that are just collecting dust in the corner of my basement.

I’ve also narrowed down my problem. That is being a bored shopper. I’ve made purchases over the years that are just now sitting there with no use and value. It’s a guilty pleasure.

I know it won’t happen overnight, but I secretly want to just toss them all out to the donation bin and get over it.

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Delete Button

Ever wonder what’s that trash can icon button is for? You guess it, garbage!
I wish I have more courage to use it and not pollute my storage media with garbage.

Although I believe it have a benefit of reviewing your mistakes.

Maybe perhaps in the future my trained eye will concur that the photograph I thought before is garbage…is actually a work of a genius.


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Better Man

the better man project

Check it out. I did felt the same but took my writing to WordPress.

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