Farm Aminals

Its been days since I last posted something, which to me seems like several weeks. I just needed to clear my mind on my battle against myself.

I thought maybe going for a countryside fresh air would clear my mind.

The air just seems fresher and cleaner down there. Perhaps inspiration would just come down and strike me.

I brought with me my Nikon FE with 35mm lens and my Fuji F550 EXR. I hopped on the fence and took a closer photos of the cows. I’ve been told that they’re friendly and that there is no bull around so it’s safe. I didn’t care otherwise. I’m more concerned with me stepping on cow dung.

I could clearly see how everything around me is an inspiration. Maybe it’s the air and less distraction from the city. Maybe it’s just me.





About In The Washroom

I have some art in me, just waiting to be explored and exploited. Other than that, I'm just a normal human being doing what humans do.
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