“This season will also change.”

I felt like I’ve been on stagnant water for a long while now. My ability to be creative has come to a full stop.

I know there is an artist inside of me, otherwise why would I feel like a frustrated artist.

I’m trying to unblock my mind by writing.

I write the first thing that comes to mind and let my mind free as it drifts thru my hidden thoughts. I’m hoping that this practice would lead me to a conclusion. To find my true motive and goal as to what I want to do with photography.

Photography to me is like love at first sight. Although I’m currently blinded by love and can’t seem to see past thru it yet.

What do I aim to capture?



About In The Washroom

I have some art in me, just waiting to be explored and exploited. Other than that, I'm just a normal human being doing what humans do.
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