Why I want to shoot with film

All of my childhood photographs were shot with a film camera, and there weren’t that many photos. I treasure them all.

They give me a glimpse back into the event that the picture was taken; sometimes vividly. The only thing missing is sound. What a magical feeling. I still get that same feeling whenever I shoot with film. When I look at a printed image, the memories just rush in. The reason behind it might be because I take my time and carefully consider the composition or the event before I take a photograph.

Film costs money, and unlike a digital memory card, film can’t be deleted and reused.

Taking pictures is easy. Even my iPhone creates good printed photographs, but because it’s so easy I don’t appreciate it as much when compared to a film camera.

I shoot film because of how it makes me feel. Pick your poison.



About In The Washroom

I have some art in me, just waiting to be explored and exploited. Other than that, I'm just a normal human being doing what humans do.
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